Cinematographer: Vesselin Hristov
Editor: Veselka Kuncheva

Based on the novel “Momo” by Michael Ende

Directed by Veselka Kuncheva

Text: Veselka Kuncheva and Ina Bojidarova

Puppets, Stage and Costume design: Marieta Golomehova

Original music: Hristo Namliev

Choreographer: Yavor Kunchev

Assistant choreographer : Sofia Georgieva

Cast: Eva Danailova, Vezhen Velchovski, Svetoslav Dovrev, Nikola Stoyanov, Kristina Yaneva, Yaroslava Pavlova, Angelina Slavova, Iulian Petrov, Deyan Cviatkov, Plamen Petkov, Vasil Milenkov, Milena Ermenkova, Sofia Ruhova, Kristiana Cenkova, Kaloyan Lulchev

“Momo is a love for timelessness. Momo is my need to sink into my dream, to run through the head of the gloomy, cold reality which determines the lives of us- the elderly people. The memory of the child’s pleasure to eat a bowl of ice cream, to look right in the eyes of the sun and to cry of his rays. Momo is the childhood we can never escape from, no matter how hard we try to be settled adults. For years, I had dreamed of adapting this novel, and we’ve always passed each other. For many reasons. But now that I’ve been able to touch it, to live in it, to feel the freedom of Momo’s philosophy, I feel a little smaller, a little bit immature and much freer.
Thank you, Momo, thank you!”
Veselka Kuncheva

Produced by Youth Theater „Nikolay Binev”, Bulgaria, 2014

Duration: 90 min

Nominations and Awards:

 Award “Ikar” of Union of Bulgarian Actors for best original music, 2015 

Nomination “Ikar” of Union of Bulgarian Actors for best stage design, 2015 

Award for best original music Academy “Askeer”, 2015

Nomination for best stage design Academy “Askeer”, 2015

Nomination for best costumes Academy “Askeer”, 2015

Nomination for best suporting actor Academy “Askeer”, 2015 for Gigi to Vejen Velchovsky

Photos by Ivan Donchev