Life as a rage

Based on the novel “Deamons” by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Directed by Veselka Kuncheva

Dramatic version: Veselka Kuncheva and Ina Bojidarova

Stage and Costume design: Marieta Golomehova

Original music: Hristo Namliev

Choreography: Alessandro Solima

Cast: Kristina Yaneva, Bylyana Raynova, Tanya Georgieva, Denitsa Yanakieva, Latina Berovska, Dilyana Spasova, Stoyan Doychev, Stefan Dimitrov, Kaloyan Georgiev, Kiril Antonov, Lyuben Chanev, Tsveti Penyashky, Alexander Uzunov

“”LIFE AS A RAGE” explores the depths of good and evil using different characters from Dostoevsky’s novels. The performance is an attempt at dissection of the human personality in times of extreme emotional and mental states.
We fall into the depths of contempt and the prurience while trying to achieve the most beautiful and noble goals. The man in Dostoevsky’s world is tangled in love and hate, in sin and redemption, in faith and disbelief. Tangled just as if he was trapped in the merciless web of life.
“LIFE AS A RAGE” is a labyrinth where we lose our souls while searching for ourselves.”

Veselka Kuncheva

Produced by State Puppet Theatre Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, 2017

Duration: 120 min

Photos by Ivan Donchev