International Creative Laboratory

Based on the novel “1984” by George Orwell





Veselka Kuncheva



Stage and costume designer


Marieta Golomehova





Hristo Namliev





Maria Dimitrova



Produced by


State Puppet Theatre Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, 2018

“We study man in our time. How does he feel, what is happening to him? What processes are taking place? Can he survive? We believe it should survive. It’s also in Orwell: When the main character is being tortured, he declares, despite the pain, “You cannot destroy man. The human spirit is eternal! He will survive!” His tormentors reply: “The human spirit will not survive because we have destroyed it!”

George Orwell noticed the processes of spiritual decay in our society and examined them with the precision of a surgeon. His novel 1984 is like a scalpel that cuts through human nature to discover what has turned us into the monsters we are.”


Veselka Kuncheva

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