Idea: Veselka Kuncheva and Ina Bozhidarova




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Veselka Kuncheva



Stage design and costumes


Marieta Golomehova





Hristo Namliev



3D mapping and stage effects


Polina Gerasimova





Yavor Kunchev



Assistant choreographer 


Nadezhda Dicheva





Alexander Bogdan Thompson 





Ivana Boboycheva, Yordan Tinkov, Kaloyan Georgiev, Kiril Antonov, Latina Berovska, Lyuben Chanev, Maria Dzhoykeva-Deneva, Tsveti Penyashki



Produced by


State Puppet Theatre Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, 2021





80 min

“The idea of “Burnout” was born after a year and a half of forced creative lethargy caused by Covid -19. At first I felt anger, then empathy for those around me, then self-pity for my own uselessness, and finally humility. In humility, to be without having to and without wanting. It’s just you. Then I realized how long I had lived under the dictatorship of the modern self-demand – to be responsible, to be successful, to be reliable, to be, to be… anything but yourself!

“Burnout” is a performance with which we try to whisper to you to wake up and live. Not tomorrow. Now!”



Veselka Kuncheva

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