Jesus Christ Superstar

Rock Opera




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Andrew Lloyd Webber





Tim Rice





Konstantin Dobroykov





Veselka Kuncheva





Yavor Kunchev



Stage and costume design


Marieta Golomehova






Jesus Christ: Nikolay Vodenicharov (Nikeca)

Judas Iscariot: Vladimir Mihaylov

Mary Magdalene: Yuliya Yordanova (Kerana)

Pontius Pilate: Tsvety Peniashky

Caiaphas: Vladimir Nikov

Annas: Konstantin Katsarov

Peter: Avgust Metodiev

Simon Zealotes: Mark Fowler 

King Herod: Evgeniy Arabadjiev


Vladimir Vassilev, Vladimir Paunov, Gabriela Stamova, Nikolay Bachev

ORCHESTRA, CHOIR, and BALLET of Opera Plovdiv



Produced by


Opera Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2020

“We wanted to imagine what would happen if Jesus appeared again and saved us again – if we would change, if there would be hope for the world. The world right now is just that – “Hosanna” – “Crucify him”. Unfortunately, we are living in very complicated times – a person can be declared a saint and a few hours later be absolutely rejected by all of humanity.”


Veselka Kuncheva

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