by Franz Kafka




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Veselka Kuncheva and Polina Hristova



Directed by


Veselka Kuncheva



Scenography and costumes


Marieta Golomehova



Music by


Milen Apostolov



Choreography and plastic


Yavor Kunchev and Dorina Puncheva





Christo Hristov



Photos and trailer


Alexander Bogdan Thompson





Boris Varbanov, Teodor Nenov, Gergana Tsakova, Gringo-Bogdan Grigorov, Iva Kaneva, Pepa Maneva, Yordan Angelov, Kaloyan Lulchev/Dimitar Stoinov, Konstantina Georgieva, Nedilyana Pavlik



Produced by


Drama Theatre “Nikola Vaptsarov”, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, 2023





70 min

The story from Franz Kafka’s novella “The Metamorphosis” tells of the transformation of the traveling salesman Gregor Samsa into a huge insect. The main theme that the show’s creative team focuses on is lying and its presence in society today. How does a person transform from childhood to adulthood – through society, from his workplace, through his actions? How do friendships and love relationships affect him? How do lies shift values ​​in a person and change their existence? These are only some of the questions whose answers are sought in the author’s performance of Veselka Kuncheva – “THE METAMORPHOSIS”



Awards and nominations:


Award “Askeer” for directing to Veselka Kuncheva, 2024


Award “Askeer” for scenography to Marieta Golomehova, 2024


Nomination for the “Askeer” awards for best performance, 2024


Nomination for the “Askeer” awards for theatrical music to Milen Apostolic, 2024


Nomination for the “Askeer” awards for costume design to Marieta Golomehova, 2024


Nomination for the “Askeer” awards for rising star to Teodor Nenov, 2024


Award “Ikar” for authors music to Milen Apostolov, 2024


Nomination for the “Ikar” award for debut to Teodor Nenov for the role of Gregor Zamza, 2024

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