The Flight of the Mole

by Polina Hristova



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Polina Hristova



Poems by


Veselka Kuncheva





Veselka Kuncheva



Scenography and puppets


Marieta Golomehova





Milen Apostolov



Choreography by


Nadezhda Dicheva





Alexander Bogdan Thompson



Mono performance by


Polina Hristova



Produced by


Theatre company “Puppet’s Lab”, Bulgaria, 2022





65 min

One winter morning the Mole realized that she had not come out of her hole for years. She didn’t know if he would survive outside. She didn’t remember what the world looked like. She filled another plate with memories and ate them. She got heartburn. Then she fell asleep and dreamed that she was flying.

“Flight of the Mole” is a loving explanation of the fears we create for ourselves. We raise them like little children, we feed them with our souls, with our dreams, with our longings. Until they grow and swallow us.





  • Ei! Marionetas – International Puppetry Meeting of Gondomar, Gondomar, Portugal, 2023


  • International theatre festival VALISE, Lomza, Poland 2023


  • International Puppet Theatre for Adults Festival “Pierrot”


  • International Puppet-Theatre Festival “Three Are Too Many, Two – Not Enough”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 2023


  • International Festival “Drumevi Theater Holidays”, Shumen, Bulgaria, 2023


  • International Festival of Monodrama “Solo Act”, Gabrovo, Bulgaria, 2022


  • International Festival for Street and Puppet Theatre – PUPPET FAIR, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2022





Nominations and awards: 


  • award for best director of Veselka Kuncheva of the Festival “Drumevi theatre Holidays”, Shumen 2023;


  • award for best scenography of Marieta Golomehova of the “Drumevi Theatre Holidays” Festival, Shumen 2023;


  • award for best performance according to the alternative jury “Voice of the media” of the MTF “Solo Act”, Gabrovo 2022;


  • award “The art of the composer in the mono-performance” of the MTF “Solo Act”, Gabrovo 2022;


  • award to Polina Hristova for acting from the VALISE MTF, Lomza, Poland;


  • award to Veselka Kuncheva for directing from the VALISE International Film Festival, Lomza, Poland;


  • award to Milen Apostolov for best music of MKTF “Piero” 2023;


  • nomination for the IKAR award of the Union of Artists in Bulgaria for Polina Hristova in the category “Achievement in puppetry”, 2023;


  • nomination for the ASKEER award in the “Mono performance” category, 2022
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