The Nose

Based on the novel “The Nose” by Nikolai Gogol

Directed by


Veselka Kuncheva



Dramatic version


Veselka Kuncheva and Ina Bojidarova



Puppets, Stage and Costume design


Marieta Golomehova



Original music


Hristo Namliev





Polina Hristova, Georgy Spasov



Photos by


Ivan Donchev



Produced by


Theatre 199 “Valentin Stoychev”, Bulgaria, 2018





80 min

„The longer and more carefully we look at a funny story, the sadder it becomes.“ Nikolai Gogol

“I would add that the more I sink into this performance, the more I realize that lack of a nose is the highest form of humanity. But I won’t talk about “The Nose”. I won’t talk about Gogol. I won’t talk about Russian literature and literature, and theatre at all… I’ll talk about the degeneration of humanity. We have converted the humanity in ourselves into atavistic old-fashioned part of our Ego. In his cancer tumour. The appendix of the twenty-first century. And if humanity has not still cut off in our childhood, we are trying to hide it away so that the others do not recognize us as unmodern people. In order not to lynch us with ridicule and regret.

I’m glad I set “A nose” at the age of forty-two because a few years ago I would not have been able to see that my nose led me to the nose. For years. And how unfortunate that I will have to cut his wings. Chuck! Enjoy the performance!”


Veselka Kuncheva


Nominations and Awards


Award of the young critics for best tandem Polina Hristova and Georgy Spasov at the International Puppet Festival for Adults “Pierot”, Stara Zagora, 2019


Award for best original music (Hristo Namliev) at The International Puppet Festival for Adults “Pierot”, Bulgaria, 2019


Award for best actress at the International puppet festival for Adults “Pierot”, Stara Zagora, 2019 to Polina Hristova


Award for best actor at the International puppet festival for Adults “Pierot”, Stara Zagora, 2019 to Georgy Spasov


Award “Ikar” of Union of Bulgarian Actors for work of Georgy Spasov for achievements in the puppet art, 2019


Nomination for best original music Academy “Askeer”, 2019


Nomination for best costumes Academy “Askeer”, 2019


Rising Star Award nomination Academy “Askeer”, 2019 for Kovalyov to Polina Hristova

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