The Picture of Dorian Gray

by Oscar Wilde



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Veselka Kuncheva and Polina Hristova



Directed by


Veselka Kuncheva



Scenography and costume design


Marieta Golomehova



Music by


Milen Apostolov





Yavor Kunchev 



Sound designer


Georgi Atanasov





Alexander Bogdan Thompson





Adriana Dimova, Alexander Andreev, Atanas Dimitrov – Fozi, Blagovest Mitsev, Violina Dotseva, Dilyan Nikolov, Dimo Sava Dimov, Dobrinka Toseva, Magdalena Slavcheva, Melin Erdinch, Nadezhda Petkova, Polya Yordanova, Tanya Yorgova, Tsveti Penyashki



Courtesy of Maya Yaneva – teacher of Latin and Sculpture Department at VTU “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”

Produced by


Drama Theatre “Racho Stoyanov”, Gabrovo, Bulgaria, 2024





105 min

“We are punished because of our self-limitations. Every urge that
we try to suppress, it remains in our mind and poisons it.
If we resist the desire, the soul begins to suffer from
agonizing longing for the forbidden, begins to strive for what she
it seems impious and criminal…The greatest events in the world take place in the brain. Likewise, the greatest sins of this world arise in the brain, and only in the brain. The only way to escape temptation is to give in to it.”
Oscar Wild




Nominations and award:


Award “Askeer” for scenography to Marieta Golomehova, 2024


Nomination for the “Askeer” awards for costume design to Marieta Golomehova, 2024


Nomination for the “Askeer” awards for theatrical music to Milen Apostolov

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