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Stage Work

Vеselka Kuncheva and Marieta Golomehova have been working as a tandem for more than 20 years. Their performances have been presented at numerous festivals and have won many prestigious awards.

Video Projects

In addition to the field of performing arts, Veselka Kuncheva and Marieta Golomehova also work in the field of screen arts. They have many completed projects behind them, such as short and full-length films and music videos.

Upcoming Events

The Flight of the Mole

12.03 / 19:00

Sofia Puppet Theatre, Sofia

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14.03 / 19:00

Nikola Vaptsarov Drama Theatre, Blagoevgrad

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I, Sisyphus

15.03 / 19:00

Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre, Sofia

“In “I, Sisyphus” we explore the journey of man’s eternal return to himself. Ever since Antiquity, philosophers have pondered the absurdity of human behavior. Whichever road one may take, whoever else one tries to become, whatever escape-routes one might venture, he always continues to return to himself. Human life is a repetition of one and the same action. Spiraling, same, predictable. And this constant action makes us meditate not on the meaning, but on the meaninglessness of human life.”

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Don Quixote

19.03 / 19:00

Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre, Sofia

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The Picture of Dorian Gray

27.03 / 19:00

Racho Stoyanov Drama Theatre, Gabrovo

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Don Quixote

17.04 / 19:00

Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre, Sofia

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About us

The theatre company “Puppet’s Lab” is based on 2014 year from Marieta Golomehova and Veselka Kuncheva. The purpose of the company is to search for new forms
and innovative means in the theatre.


Marieta and Veselka work together for more than 15 years. They have many prestigious international and national awards.


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Veselka Kuncheva


Marieta Golomehova


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